Moving Checklist

When it comes to moving you want to prepare, prepare, prepare. I can not stress the importance of preparing your move before the move out date.

The team at Hefty Movers is here to help and provide you with a moving checklist guild your family. We understand that moving is most often pushed to the side for a last min task. With the moving checklist we make it fun and easy to help you move.

  • Make sure moving company is insured.
  • Make a list of all the items you wish to have maximum protection with wrap.
  • Have items disassemble in order for movers to fit items through doors.
  • Make sure to call your Tampa Moving Company to see if they offer packaging services.
  • Have a list that you wish to have package. Dishes, Clothes, Shoes, and etc.
  • Provide your own boxes or call moving company for any additional boxes.
  • Make a note of any precious items that require special care to move.
  • Start to use up all food in the freezer.
  • Count the number of boxes you wish to be moved. For security reason.
  • Move all boxes to the first floor and place the boxes close to exit for movers to grab. Keep track of the number of boxes you want to move.
  • Label All the furniture you wish to have wrapped and protected
  • Call your moving company to make sure ETA is still accurate.
  • Be sure to be at the property when Tampa movers arrive. In order for your items to be place in the correct destination.
  • Check for any damages. Home or Items.
  • Leave a generous tip for the movers. Along with a review online. Then Enjoy your new home!

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